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United Construction Services

United Construction Services (UCS) is a construction management company, with over 50 years of combined experience.  Our services enable the small to moderate size businesses and facility managers, to extend their management scope far beyond physical staffing capabilities.  UCS also manages projects as general contractor.

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What does your building say about your business?

If the structure and aesthetics of your building are in a state of disrepair or showing signs of neglect, potential customers may walk right past. We Service:


Allow our experts to review your property and create a individualized maintenance program.


Sell your house for more! Schedule a free consultation before you put your house on the market.


UCS has a focus on meeting the development demand for urban located properties.


Let UCS develop a Building Maintenance Plan that works within your budget.

Our Recent Projects

Interior Cement Waterproofing

Interior Cement Waterproofing

Wood Floor Rehab

Wood Floor Rehab

Vertical Historical Masonry

Vertical Historical Masonry

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