Our goal is to completely satisfy each and every client.

Service Areas

United Construction Services will provide professional superior work in restoration and waterproofing of structures by using quality materials. We will consistently provide good workmanship and completion of projects in a timely and responsible manner. Our goal is to develop relationships with our clients based on excellent customer service, communication, and finding cost effective solutions.

We specialize in:
  • Structural restoration and waterproofing
  • Fire Stopping
  • Sealant, coating, caulking and epoxies applications
  • Power washing, waterproofing, and painting
  • Energy saving weatherproofing
  • Concrete, brick, asphalt, and bituminous installations
  • Lot repair and striping
  • Full asphalt services

We service


Allow our experts to review your property and create a individualized maintenance program. It may be easy to overlook the little bit water damage in the corner, or a small crack in your drywall, but these minor repairs can quickly become very extensive and quite expensive if ignored. A cracked, uneven or crumbling parking lot or walkway could cause untold pedestrian injuries; and poor sealant on building’s infrastructure may be costing you hundreds in wasted utilities.


A free consultation from us could save you thousands! Drafty windows increase heating and cooling costs; faulty plumbing wastes water and cause water damage and wood rot; cracks in the pavement can lead to expensive slip and fall injuries; let us show you how simple repairs can have a massive impact on your finances.

Sell your house for more! Schedule a free consultation before you put your house on the market. A small investment in minor repairs and updating your curb appeal can greatly increase your selling price.


UCSL has a focus on meeting the development demand for urban located properties. UCSL will hope to bid government projects as resources permit. Government contract projects hopefully will make up approximately 15% of revenues. High visibility and competitive bids are critical to capture this segment of the market. One of the reasons why this segment is attractive is its relative stability. Contracts from these sources are not dependent on the current market conditions and will provide revenue even during an economic downturn.

Schools & Institutions

Does your building and campus reflect the high academic standards of you institution? The negative impact of a poorly maintained campus can affect your students’ enthusiasm for education; as well as cost you thousands in wasted utilities. Let UCS develop a Building Maintenance Plan that works within your budget.

Service Plans

Structures with loose and falling debris are very dangerous. United Construction Services has an emergency Fall Hazard Program to assist with repairs. After a comprehensive evaluation is completed, all fall hazards and delaminations will be removed until a sound substrate is found. A Building Maintenance Plan can then be developed to restore the facade of your building.



Let one of our skilled and knowledgeable construction engineers evaluate your needs and give you a comprehensive estimate and service plan. Let us help up you evaluate your property to its full potential.

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