Who Are We?

United Construction Services Limited, (UCSL), LLC, is a medium-sized commercial construction company with its office in Detroit, Michigan. UCSL is comprised of a group of individuals that are knowledgeable, competent and have a history of working together. UCSL has been awarded contracts in lower Michigan, but aspire to obtain contracts throughout the tri-state area (Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois}. local contracts have contributed to the growth of this company, as well as, quality workmanship and competitive pricing.

Company Values

Our Mission

UCSL provides superior customer-driven restoration and waterproofing, ensures the use of quality materials, and demonstrates timely completion of projects which reflect pride in workmanship.

Keys to Success

UCSl’s keys to success are comprised of the following:

  • Leadership in creative and cost effective solutions for customers.
  • Maintenance of positive relationship with all customers.
  • Accuracy of initial cost estimates and completion dates.
  • Qualified on-site management and tracking of cost and completion projections.

Company Summary

UCSL is a minority owned business, managed by seasoned commercial construction personnel with a combined total of 50+ years of experience, who represent sales/management and finance. These individuals have established extensive experience in commercial real estate, parking structures and stadiums. Owner Diane Childress has a background in business and education and is responsible for administrative services. Competitive pricing has also contributed to the growth of this company. Recently, UCSL has become a SBE certified by the Wayne County Airport Authority.

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